Funny Online poker TV Ads

Friday October 04,2013 : ONLINE POKER TV ADS ENTERTAIN
Latest and use humour and hi-tech to pull in the punters
Two online poker companies on opposite sides of the Atlantic have released their latest television ads, using humour and hi-tech to pull in the punters in the United States and Britain.
In the UK, 888Poker's new "Ready to Play" ad is presented in a sleek, futuristic and appropriately computer-oriented format backed by driving music from the dance single "Finale" by Madeon.
The ad message is that players can enjoy 888 poker action on PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad and Android devices; check it out here:
The latest ad relies more on the comedic theme of keeping a poker face on a successful hand, following the lead of other ads in the series, and features an exuberant punter doing a spectacular series of celebratory moves. The commercial, appropriately titled ‘Victory Dance', can be viewed here: