Despite the withdrawal of the Poker Player Alliance state director Lee Rousso from the Washington state race for the governorship, online players may have a new champion in a state made infamous among gamblers by the draconian nature of the punishments for offenders.  This week candidate Dino Rossi addressed the issue on a wide ranging Seattle radio talk show, saying that he would not have signed such a law.
Taking part in a long interview on the Dori Monson show at 710 KIRO, the candidate was asked for his position on Cakepokercurrent anti-online gambling law, which classifies the pastime as a C class felony and allows for the imposition of up to 10 years imprisonment. Rossi responded by saying "I never would have signed that bill," adding that such severe penalties put online gambling in Washington state in a category similar to that applied to child pornography, with long term social consequences for those convicted.
"You have some college kid that's playing poker on his computer and you're going to give him a felony for it. It doesn't make sense. It doesn't fit the crime," said Rossi before commenting that he would be prepared to join political initiatives to overturn the law.