Google Softening restriction of gambling advertising

Giant search engine in new beta test with leading social gaming companies.
Google's tough restriction of gambling advertising may be taking a more reasonable approach as far as social gaming is concerned following reports this week that the giant search engine is to launch a beta test program with major companies in March.
The program involves the acceptance of advertisements for social gaming from selected companies in order to assess the impact.
According to a notice on Google:
“Around March, AdWords will begin supporting ads for social casino games as part of a limited beta program. This beta will be supported in English only and will include only ads, sites, and apps in English. At this time, we're inviting existing AdWords advertisers to apply to participate in the beta.
"Social casino games" are simulated gambling games where there is no opportunity to win anything of value (such as money or prizes). Examples include, without limitation, poker, slots, bingo, lotteries, sports betting, betting on races, as well as other card games and casino games.
"Eligibility requirements
• You are the operator (or an agency representing the operator) of such social casino games (aggregators and affiliates will not be accepted).
• You are an existing AdWords customer with a good history of complying with our policies (advertisers with previous policy violations may not be accepted).