Lot of our website visitors always ask me how much i tip when i go to land based casinos. Ive decided to write an article discussing Tipping Etiquette In Casinos. Since we are already going to a casino and are prepared to spend money, a few extra $$ wont hurt and it will make the workers life a little happier. So here is my Tipping Etiquette In Casinos for different people.

Slot Hand Pays

This one I set at a fixed amount, no matter if I am winning or as usual losing. Some of the numbers will seem a little low, and you got to remember when we are making bigger bets we might hit 20-30 hand pays in a night and still wind up losing. Here is my hand pay tips:

  • $1200 – $2000 hand pay = $10 Tip
  • $2000 – $5000 hand pay = $20 Tip
  • $5000 -$10,000 hand pay = $40 Tip
  • Over $10,000 will give a $50
  • If a huge hit is won, like a major progressive would tip from $100 to $1000 depending on size of win

Tipping The Waitresses

Most of us will order a drink at some point in the day or night. Be it coffee,water,soda or alcohol. My preferred drinks are coffee in the daytime and Chivas & Coke at night. For the day shift for my coffee i usually tip $1, if my wife is with me, she likes tea, I tip a $1 per, if we add in 2 bottles of water to the order i make it $3.  At night I like to tip $2 for a drink order as i feel mixed drinks take a little longer to make. Again if with the wife and we order 2 drinks i like to round it up to $5.

The Valet

We always tip the valet, from what i hear they are one of the lowest paid casino employee. I split the valet tip between from when i leave the car off to when i pick it us as they are usually different people. I like to give $2 on drop off and $3 on pick up.

Bell Man

If we are staying in the hotel and have baggage we always use the Bellhop. I ask the person taking the bags from the car if they are the one bringing the luggage up to the room. If they are i wait for them to bring it up before tipping. I start at $5 for 3 bags, if we have more stuff i will raise it to $10.

Table Games Tipping

I like to play blackjack. In blackjack dealers always tell me they do not like direct tips, they would rather you bet the money for them. My comfort zone in blackjack is from $200-$1000 per hand. I usually throw a $25 bet for the dealers once per dealer. When dealer is changed I do it again. So probable throw 2-3 $25 bets for the dealers every hour. Sometimes when going on good runs, will throw a hundred out there for the dealers.

Hotel Room Maids

Hardly anyone leaves any $$ for the maids cleaning the room. There is usually a little envelope on the night stand for the maids. I ALWAYS tips the maids. You always get better service, be it more towels (which you can later steal. lol ), New and extra soaps, and a cleaner room. I leave the maids $10 the first night I am in the room, after that it ranges from $5-$10 a night, depending on how dirty room in. Have had some instances of room being extra dirty, me or wife drinking too much and one of us might  throw up maybe would leave a $20 for this and an apology note.

It is nice to take care of other people. You will be surprised at how much better your casino service is when you tip people. You might not be able to tip the same amounts, but even a $1 will show your appreciation to people who are serving you.

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