Google Bad Gambling Ad Removal in 2016

Removed gambling ads a very small percentage of the total.
Writing on a Google topics blog Wednesday on "How we fought bad ads, sites and scammers in 2016" Google director Scott Spencer revealed some interesting facts and figures:
* In 2016 Google removed 1.7 billion unacceptable adverts – a major increase on the 780 million in the preceding year;
* Just 17 million of those were gambling related and "without proper authorization from regulators in countries in which they operate";
* 68 million adverts were in contravention of Google healthcare policies, up 500 percent on the preceding year;
* 80 million adverts were found to be “deceiving, misleading and shocking users,” including clickbait disguised as medical information;
* The incidence of deceptive "trick to click" adverts such as system software warnings that persuade users to click through malware downloads, increased by 600 percent to 112 million;
* The use of what Google defines as "self-clicking adverts" on mobile platforms rose massively from low numbers in 2015 to 23,000 in 2016; these are ads that send users to app stores where downloading begins without users' approval or permission;
* 7 million adverts removed for unspecified ruses designed to by-pass the search engine giant's detection systems;
* 1,300 accounts shuttered for using "editorial" style articles on topical issues which lead users to questionable commercial products rather than bona fide news – aka "tabloid cloaking".
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