According to a notice on its website earlier this week the popular online poker website Gutshot Poker switched from the Microgaming to Cake Poker network today (October 8) following delays caused by "technical and timing issues."
London-based Gutshot was founded by experienced UK players in 2001 and moved to the Microgaming Poker Network in early 2007, having established itself as a strong and thriving brand. Outside the British Isles, the enterprise enjoyed success in the Scandinavian and European markets.
It is uncertain whether the owners of Gutshot have issues with Microgaming but the following comment in the notification was intriguing: "In respect of the Microgaming situation, we are not in a position to make any real comment other than the room is now closed and all player balances have been transferred to Cake."
Cake Poker insiders who wish to remain anonymous have commented that other European poker websites are about to move to the Cake Network over the next few months, further augmenting a list that includes Bet US Poker, King Midas Poker, Players Only Poker,, Pokerbilly, City Poker, and Lockpoker.