Hakeem Nicks Offered Name Change Deal

Getting top NY Giants player to change his name for a tidy sum should grab a few headlines.
Online gambling company 888.com continued its publicity assault on the US market this week with another novel initiative; the company has offered top New York Giants footballer Hakeem Nicks – who as a wide receiver wears the No. 88 jersey – a grand total of $88,800 dollars if he agrees to legally change his name to 888.com.
The deal specifies that Nicks has to change his name comprehensively – including on his driver's license, social security card, passport and bank statements – for one full year.
And he must convince the decidedly anti-online gambling National Football League to allow him to play with 888.com on the back of his jersey and tell the league that they must refer to him as 888.com at all times.
Nicks has not so far responded to the offer, and it seems unlikely that he would take on the hassle for a paltry (for a top footballer) $88,800…buy hey, it's generated plenty of "interest and amusement" media coverage anyway!
Talking about 888.com promotions, a more numbers and action-grounded drive on rakeback has also been launched by 888Poker as its All American Poker Network fights for space in the competitive New Jersey online gambling market…but read the next news story for details on that….