High Limit Sports App Launched

Friday November 9, 2012 : NEW MOBILE SPORTS BETTING APP
Free-to-play app launches on the iOS platform
San Francisco-based start-up Bunker Mode has launched its “High Limit Sports” application on the iOS platform in free-to-play mode.
The app brings sports betting into the casual mobile world, adding a social spin and other features where players can compete for virtual currency that can be used to unlock in-game options and items to level-up within the game.
High Limit Sports is launching with support for the NBA, NFL, CFL and NCAA football with additional sports scheduled for inclusion.
“Our goal with High Limit Sports was to turn sports betting into a game, removing the complexity of the sports book experience and replacing it with entertaining features that reward people for playing often,” said Greg Dirrenberger, head of Bunker Mode’s studio and co-founder.