Illinois Launches First Lotto App

Friday January 17 ,2014:  FIRST U.S. LOTTERY APP LAUNCHED
Illinois state lottery augments its online wagering services.
The Illinois State Lottery has ramped up its online selling facilities by launching a mobile app that it claims is the first in the US to allow Americans to check their results and more importantly buy their lottery tickets whilst on the move.
Illinois lottery punters will have a selection of lottery options to choose from, including standard lottery, Powerball and Mega Millions offers, and ticket retailers will be pleased to learn that the app even includes a "find your nearest ticket seller outlet" service based on geo-location technology.
The app is available only to persons over the age of 18, and there is a buying minimum of $5.
To appease those fearful of problem and underage gambling, the app also carries responsible gaming messages that include imposing spending limits; access to a self-exclusion facility; and advice on counselling.