Infinity Poker claims it has an innovative edge on the competition.
Two years of testing and development could be coming to an end with the imminent launch of Infinity, an enterprise that CEO Michael Hajduk claims will offer an innovative element enabling players to see one another in a more expansive manner, and make deposits and withdrawals in the Bitcoin virtual currency if they wish.
Hajduk has assiduously talked up the new site for a while  but this time it looks as if the launch is on as the company completes its final preparations.
Hajduk claims that his sites "Infinivision" feature will be popular with players and goes further than simple webcam technology.
Players will be able to see their opponents and be seen themselves, but the difference is that Infinivision uses what Hajduk dubs a “Peripheral Resolution Interface” that allows punters to follow the action to the left and right of them as well.
In addition to providing players with an opportunity to leverage their "tells" skills, the system is designed to create more of a "live" poker ambience.