iPoker network Raises Rake

Thursday January 21,2016 : REPORTS THAT iPOKER HAS HIKED RAKE ON SOME CASH GAMES                      
Players take to popular poker forum to complain, and a petition is in progress.
There appears to be a row brewing on the popular 2+2 forum this week, with players complaining that Playtech's iPoker network made unannounced changes to cash game rake that prejudice players.
There are posts urging players to sign a petition against the rake increase, which reports indicate took place earlier this (January) month and impose a higher cap of Euro 4 instead of Euro 3 per hand on some games; increase the rake per Euro 0.20 in a pot, and take away the reduced rake cap for 3-4 handed play at all stakes
In a detailed article on the changes in Poker News, Matthew Pitt observes:
"On the surface, these changes do not appear to be major and many recreational players probably won't notice them. However, when one delves a little deeper and applies the new rake structure to a typical game, and does so over thousands of hands, the changes are huge."
Pitt has analysed the changes in detail here: http://www.pokernews.com/news/2016/01/ipoker-players-hit-with-a-rake-hike-23883.htm.