The weekend's raid by members of the Irish Gardai, which closed a casino in Clonmel, County Tipperary, could lead to legal argument in the courts regarding the legality of casinos operating as private members’ clubs, speculates the Irish media this week.
Atlantis Casino in Clonmel was raided and shut down, with a roulette wheel, safe, takings and patron's gambling Sunpalace Casino - Use Coupon Code OFFSUIT for a 125% bonuschips confiscated in a raid at approximately 2.30am by at least 7 Gardai, according to eye-witness reports.
Members of the raiding group entered the premises and took up position at each of the gambling tables, instructing patrons not to touch anything on pain of being prosecuted for obstructing the ends of justice.
The Gardai members apparently explained to patrons that as club members they were not breaking any laws, but that everyone present would be asked to provide their personal details as potential witnesses for a possible future prosecution of the club owners. Receipts were later given for confiscated chips and other property.
The incident attracted a crowd of spectators outside the club.
A statement from the Gardai is currently awaited.