Isildur1 2k to 2 million in 3 weeks

Tuesday August 2,2011 : $2 000 to $2 million in three weeks is not bad going….
Swedish high stakes online poker pro Viktor Blom (20) – better known as Isildur1 – appears to be on something of a heater, telling Bluff Europe magazine this week that he took $2 000 and turned it into $2 million in a matter of three weeks.
Interviewed by Bluff, Blom claimed that he had deposited $2 000 at the start of his extraordinary run, noting that this was “…really my only money.”
He then planned his campaign for an hour before settling for multi-tabling NLHU, after which he said: "I just played every regular that gave multi-tabling action.
“After two to three weeks I smashed every level and now I had a bankroll of $2 million and I was playing $100-$200 daily. A standard day around that time could be 15 hours, doing nothing else besides playing. I was in the zone. When I’m really in the zone I like to play a lot, and when I’m not playing a lot, I like to just chill and do other things I enjoy in life.”
Blom is a formidable and aggressive player, famous for his wild swings in results in relatively short periods of time. Bluff reports that this summer alone he has earned $4 million.