Isildur1 Wins 1.3 million in a single session this week

Bust-and-boom Blom is on another heater, winning $1.3 million in a single session this week
The Swedish high stakes online poker pro Viktor Isildur' Blom never fails to entertain, whether he's enduring losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars in one of his famous coolers, or blasting the opposition away in equally famous heaters.
This week it was the latter, with the High Stakes Data Base reporting he made a $1.3 million profit in a single 2,476 hand session on Full Tilt Poker's nosebleed tables, playing against top names in the game.
The $1,308,481 take-home brings Blom's profits this year so far to $3.36 million…and that's after a few of his defeats – at one stage he was up $5 million. Over the past seven days alone, Blom has amassed profits totalling $2.5 million.
The young Swede showed his range of talent, taking on and crushing opponents on 2-7 Triple Draw, Omaha-8 and PLO virtual high stakes tables.
HSDB reports that among his opponents was the highly respected US pro Ben Tollerene, who tangled with Blom in a $400/$800 PLO match, in which the Swedish pro took $700,000 off him.