Posted 3/4/11 : Intralot follows up on Live Presenter Bingo with supporting TV campaign
Only two weeks after launching its innovative Live Presenter Bingo on the Italian market , Intralot has launched a major television campaign in the country to boost audience participation above 1 000 players a day.
Intralot Italia enlarged its online gaming portfolio with the introduction of the first live online Bingo in Italy on 15 February this year, vigorously promoting the concept of live presenters interacting with players in real time. Combining live presenter interaction, extensive social gaming opportunities, and the future potential to fuse with real-life bingo, the intriguing product has the potential to create a hybrid in both online and offline bingo spaces.
There are two virtual Bingo halls – "Holiday" and "Hollywood" – where bingo fans have the opportunity to win real money and have fun by participating in frequent daily draws revved up by a live presenter who calls the numbers, and entertains the players in an interactive way.
The company's website features online profiles of each presenter, and presenters encourage customers to link to them via Facebook, introducing a social element. Players know when each presenter will be online, and the fact that they can actually see, hear and chat with the presenters enhances the gaming experience.