Jack Massey Leaving Paddy Power

Thursday March 26,2015 : PADDY POWER LOSE IR DIRECTOR

To pursue other interests after nine years of service

After nine years service in positions including that of director of investor relations and company secretary for Paddy Power, Jack Massey will leave the company at the end of August 2015 to pursue other interests, the company said.

As such, Paddy Power will transfer the role of company secretary to Edward Trainer incoming Group General Counsel.

Ivan Kelly, investor relations analysis manager,  will remain on Paddy Power's Investor Relations team, under Cormac McCarthy, chief financial officer.
"We will be sorry to see Jack go in August.  He has made a major contribution throughout his time with the Group, including as CFO from 2006 to 2012.  I'd like to thank him and wish him well in his future plans,” McCarthy commented.