Written On  5/6/11 By Recentpoker.com staff writer Frank Polliern :

Year-old case closed
Two defendants in a Kansas City Grand Jury investigation dating back to March 2010 have been sentenced for their roles in an illegal internet sports betting enterprise.
The Kansas City Star reports that James J. Moretina (62) was handed a year's imprisonment, whilst James L. Dicapo (58) was committed to three years and five months in jail by U.S. District Judge Nanette Laughrey.
The Kansas City-based federal grand jury indicted Moretina, Dicapo and two other men over a year ago on allegations of collecting more than $3.5 million in bets for an illegal gambling business that relied on a website with a computer server in Costa Rica.
The other defendants, brothers Gerlarmo and William Cammisano, previously received sentences of 14 months and 12 months and a day, respectively.
Dicapo's sentence included punishment for trafficking in counterfeit designer goods.