Las Vegas January Numbers

2/10/10 – Las Vegas may have seen some light at the end of the economic tunnel recently, but Atlantic City remains stobbornly in decline when it comes to gambling revenues.
Official figures released this week show that Atlantic City's 11 casinos won $294.2 million in January, a decline of 8.5 percent from January a year ago, reports Associated Press.
Slot machine revenue declined by 7.6 percent, while table game revenues slipped downward by 10.1 percent.
Only two casinos posted increases in their January win. Showboat was up 4.4 percent, while Harrah's Marina showed a 2.8 percent increase.
The Atlantic City Hilton and Trump Taj Mahal showed the biggest declines. Atlantic City Hilton had a 26.4 percent decrease; Trump Taj Mahal's win was down by 23.7 percent.
Associated Press reports that the best January ever for Atlantic City's casinos was in 2006, when they won more than $406 million.