Thursday March 5,2015 :  LAS VEGAS SANDS WINS I.P. COURT CASE
But can a US court force compliance?
The major US land gambling group Las Vegas Sands, owned by multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson, has successfully concluded another intellectual property case to protect its trademark and brand intellectual property.
In a case that dates back a year, LVS launched litigation in a US District Court against 54 mainly Asian website owners and the First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation licensing and registration jurisdiction, filing charges of unauthorised use of LVS registered brands and trademarks
This week the publication Courthouse News reported that Judge James Mahan found for LVS, issuing a court order that the difficult to locate website owners recompense LVS with $2 million for their unauthorised use of the brands, and a further $150,000 in respect of copyright infringements.
Whilst First Cagayan can be pursued, finding and extracting the money from the domain owners could be difficult owing to often nonsensical identity and address entries made in their registration of the offending domains. Those domains can, however, be shut down.