When playing poker online you're not sitting face-to-face with other players at a table, but there are still points of etiquette that you should observe to help ensure that everyone has a pleasant playing experience. Here are some tips.

Use the Chat feature politely

  • No swearing at the other players, or use of bad language in general.
  • Do not use the Chat feature to badger other players or to criticize their playing abilities.
  • Do not discuss your cards with other players while the hand is still being played – even if you have folded.

Only use English when chatting.

If you need to take a break, click the “Sit Out” button or option so that your hands will automatically be folded.

Refrain from constantly discussing your hands after the fact, especially if you have folded and are tempted to discuss what could have happened had you stayed in the pot. You are the only one interested in this and it is irrelevant to the other players.

Do not send repeated messages to a player who is not replying – remember that many players play with the Chat feature disabled, so as not to be distracted.

Do not point out mistakes to other players, or gloat over having won a hand. Do not become so distracted while chatting that you hold up the game – remember that you are there first and foremost to play, not to chat.

If you are playing at more than one table, be sure to pay attention so that you don't hold up the game at any of the tables you are playing at.

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