Leicester City Mock Bet Pays off

Friendly mockery paid an unexpected reward.
One of several endearing stories to come out of the fairy tale rise of Leicester City FC to the top of the English Premier League surfaced this week when football-mad Leicester fan Mandy Clarke (58) collected a remarkable GBP 50,000 return on her GBP 10 bet that her club would be champions this season.
The GBP10 bet was mockingly (in a friendly way) given to Clarke last year by her plastic surgeon boss Matt Smith when the odds against the team rising to such heights were around 5,000 to 1.
Lifelong football fan Clarke put the money on Leicester to win…and scored bigtime.
Clarke told the Mirror that she often spoke of her Leicester football passion at work.
"Over the years, Matt and others at the hospital have teased me about it – all the ups and downs I've been through with the team," she said.
"So at the start of the season he placed a GBP 10 bet on City to win the Premier League and gave me the betting slip.
"The £50,000 is fabulous, I can't take it in. But the icing on the cake is Leicester City winning because that will live on and on and on."