Maria online casino develops an original promo

Maria online casino develops an original promo.
There really is a village in Scotland named Dull, and the marketers at online gambling company Maria Casino have developed a play on words, using the village to set up a promotional campaign centred on brand awareness.
The company has hired YouTube sensation Mark ‘Turps’ Turpin to get as far away as possible from the village of Dull in Scotland in just 12 hours, the marketing publication Drum reports.
He has to undertake the challenge with no cash and only a bag of apparently worthless articles with which to barter, using his wits in a race against the clock, which starts counting down on the morning of July 29.
Created for the operator by digital agency Roast, the campaign includes an online portal where the public can follow Turpin’s adventures every step of the way. There’s also a sweepstake on how far Turpin will get, with the closest guess winning GBP 1,000.