Tournament style multiplayer mahjong

Thursday, November 17, 2011 : SOUTH EAST ASIAN DEAL FOR MAHJONG TIME
Tournament style multiplayer mahjong should be a winner
MatchMove Games, a provider of online gambling games to the Southeast Asia market, has signed a licensing agreement to take Mahjong Time games on board its wide inventory of gaming entertainment.
The agreement provides tournament style multiplayer mahjong to over a million players from all of MatchMove's allied portals, including Yahoo Southeast Asia, Okezone, and Starhub.
Slava Novozhenya, Mahjong Time CEO says: "The Mahjong Time social gaming platform is a great addition to MatchMove's robust gaming environment, and the numbers are already strong. MatchMove's reputation for excellence, as well as its existing partnerships, is well known."
‘MatchMove has a very strong presence in Southeast Asia and mahjong is one of the most popular games in the region," said the firm's VP of Marketing, Nate Wang. "It's a perfect fit for our market."
Mahjong Time's gaming platform is currently available to MatchMove's membership of over a million users.