May 2016 Nevada Gambling Revenue

But it was a tough comparison month.
Figures released late Thursday by the Nevada Gaming Control Board revealed that Nevada gambling revenue in May 2016 was $958 million – slightly down on the billion dollars of the comparison period last year, when Las Vegas visitation numbers were higher thanks to the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight, and the Rock in Rio music festival.
"At the end of the day, we were facing a tough comparison," Board analyst Mike Lawton said. "We dont hit $1 billion too many times. Last May was a hugely successful month that was driven by a strong events calendar."
Revenue on the Las Vegas Strip totaled $531 million in May, down nearly 12 percent compared with May 2015.  That means winnings so far this year on the Strip are 3.8 percent lower year-on-year, and overall winnings for the state are down 1.1. percent.
Elsewhere in the state, downtown Las Vegas winnings were up 13 percent to $50 million; Boulder Strip winngs totalled $78 million – up 26 percent;and North Las Vegas revenue was up 28 percent to $27 million. Reno fared less well, with casino revenue down 5 percent at $50 million, and Lake Tahoe also experienced a fall-off, dropping 15 percent to $14 million.