Friday,  November 4, 2011 : Murren voices support for legalised online gambling in third quarter report
Thursday saw the CEO of US land gambling giant MGM delivering the group's third quarter 2011 results…and he had positive comments to make regarding current internet gambling legalization moves and the company's positioning to best take advantage of developments.
Murren discussed the recently signed deal with digital and Boyd Gaming targeting a legalised online poker market in the United States, and talked about the progress in Congress of federal legalization moves, which he said his company supports.
"Back here at home, as you know, the U.S. Congress is considering proposals that could lead to the legalization and regulation of online poker," Murren told media and shareholders. "We support this effort as it clearly would safeguard consumers.
"In preparation for this potential legalization, we announced an agreement earlier this week with and with Boyd Gaming to jointly offer online poker in the United States.
"We feel that the technology has matured to a point where Internet poker can be appropriately regulated. The agreement will bring both companies' strong brands to the online poker platform that we believe is safe, secure and fair.
"This business is going to be about scale and the global brand names, and we believe that this partnership gives us the best opportunity to fully capitalize on this potential market."