Insight into playing habits Of Mobile vs computer casino players


Insight into playing habits.

Pini Yakuel, chief executive officer of Israeli mobile marketing company Optimove, revealed some interesting insight into web vs. mobile gamers during an afternoon session on Monday at the Casual Connect Tel Aviv conference titled “The Platform Duel: Web vs. Mobile in Social Casinos”.

According to Optimove data, mobile game players are 1.9 times quicker to convert to money play than web players in social casino games and will make a repeat  payment 1.5 times faster, VentureBeat reports.

Unsurprisingly mobile players play 1.6 times more often than web players and hit the play button 1.4 times more often during a game session. 

Interestingly there seems to be less cross-platform action than expected with only 4 percent of players utilising both web and mobile platforms while most players having a clear leaning towards one or the other.

Multiplatform players are 3.9 times more likely to convert to real-money play than single platform adopters, make higher average payments by 10 percent and are 20 percent more likely to make more than one payment when playing social casino games.