2 New Games for Skybet


Viva Scratch Vegas and Railroad Riches.

SkyBet has launched “Viva Scratch Vegas”, a GBP 1 instant win, two panelled scratch card game with a Progressive Jackpot. 

If the player finds a ‘Vegas Wheel symbol in the second scratch area, then the ‘Vegas Wheel bonus is activated and the player is presented with a spinning wheel with both winning values and ‘LOSE segments on it. The player is prompted to press ‘STOP which will bring the ‘Vegas Wheel to a slow halt.

“Railroad Riches” is a feature-rich 5-reel random slot game based on a Wild West theme.

The game offers Wilds, a Free Spins Feature, a Column Bonus, Wild Spins, Sliding Wilds, Surprise Retriggers and a Multi Bonus feature.