New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetos gambling bill

Posted 3/3/11 : Governor expresses concerns about legal and constitutional issues
The New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ended speculation Thursday on the fate of a bill seeking to legalise online gambling when his office announced that he had vetoed the proposal, citing legal and constitutional concerns.
The Governors veto means that New Jersey will probably not become the first US state to legalise internet gambling.
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) broke the news that the Governor had exercised his right to veto the proposal which enjoyed significant support in both the State Senate and Assembly and had been sitting on the Governor's desk since January 10th this year. 

The Governors veto comes only hours before the 45-day deadline which would have implemented the bill automatically had the Governor failed to make a decision.
The author of the bill State Senator Raymond Lesniak has clearly not given up hope for the proposal, telling WSJ that he was confident the bill could be "tweaked" to meet the Governors requirements.