Beating Video Poker

Video poker is a lot of fun to play, but what is more fun than simply playing is beating the game. Video poker  is like all forms of poker, it is a game of chance so there are no guarantees that you are going to win. Despite the element of chance, having some skills and knowledge will give you a better chance of winning than if you didn’t have them. There are some basic as well as some more advanced things that you can practice to have a better chance at beating video poker.

Avoid keeping a kicker when you have a pair. When you choose to keep a kicker you are reducing your return by five percent. That is huge in terms or payout, so you need to stop hanging onto that kicker.

Avoid drawing four cards when you can complete a flush in three card draws. Many people doubt themselves and draw that fourth card. This is where stopping and thinking about what you are doing before you do it will really help out in your game play.

Keep a five card winning pat hand. If you didn’t know that before you know it now. Of course, there is one exception to this video poker rule and that is if you can draw one card to a royal flush.

Breaking and not breaking a flush. You should never break a flush even if you can draw one to create a straight flush, as tempting as this may be. However, you should always choose to break a flush to draw a royal. Additionally, you should never break a straight to draw a straight flush and you should never draw five cards if you have a hack or better. Lastly, do not keep a ten card for a four card draw.

Choose Jacks-or-Better. You should always try to find Jacks or better machines that will pay out nine coins for a full house and six coins for a flush. This will put you in a better position to actually take some money away from the game when you’re done.

Play progressive video poker games that are worth your time and money. Try not to play progressive nickel machines with a pot less than $250, a quarter machine with less than $2,500, and a dollar machine for less than $10,000. If you choose a machine for less than this you are selling yourself, and your hard earned money short.

Take your time. If you want to beat video poker you need to take your time, and the beauty of the game is that you can. You don’t have to feel rushed because there is not anyone across the table who is staring at you trying to intimidate you. There is no one shifting around and making noise, there is just you and the game. Take your time so that you can make the best possible decision with each card to improve your odds.

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