Advanced Craps Strategy

An advanced craps strategy can really kick your game up a notch and put you in the best possible position when you are playing this game of chance. While much of the game is left to chance, when you implement an advanced craps strategy you can make bets and make moves in the game that will whittle away at that house advantage, putting you in a position where you are more likely to win. The more you know about the casino games and the odds, the better chance you have of winning, and possibly winning big each time you play.

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If you have been playing craps for awhile you know that when a player is trying to roll for his point number again, usually he sevens out before he hits his point number again. Winning is not impossible when you bet with the shooter, but it is more probable when you bet with the house instead. Many consider this a bet that is in poor taste, but if it is an advanced craps strategy that works, so don’t worry that the other people at the table may not like the move. Remember that you are not there to make friends, you are there to win money. When you keep this in mind it will be easier to make the less favorable craps bets.

Doing this can improve your odds of winning during any specific roll because you have the opportunity to place many different bets. The come and don’t come bets offer the same payouts as the pass and don’t pass bets, but because you can place more than one bet you can advance your odds. Many new players are too timid to place more than one bet here, but if you want to increase your chances of winning, you should try this out and see how much better you do when you place more bets. It is generally worth the risk.

Betting on individual numbers such as 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 may or may not be good. If you bet on the four or the 10 and you win you are going to be paid out at 9:5. The five and the nine pay out at 7:5 odds, and the six and the eight payout at 7:6 odds. The six and eight bet is always considered the best bet to make because you are reducing the house edge to 1.52%. Yet, if you place the five and nine or the 4 and the 10 you are putting yourself at a disadvantage because you are allowing the house to enjoy a four to 6.73% advantage. Take some time to really study the odds and which bets are good and bad, this will help you make those split second decisions that mean the difference between winning money and losing money.

  1. Know the difference between favorable and less favorable bets.
  2. Remember that you can place as many come and don’t come bets as you would like.
  3. Always bet with the house.

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