New Jersey State residents oppose legalised online gambling

But want legal sports betting
Despite referendum results to the contrary, a recent Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind Poll found that 58 percent of New Jersey State residents oppose legalised online gambling, while 31 percent are in favour.
Voters, by the same margin, however, were in favour of legalising sports betting with 60 percent of voters for, 26 percent opposed and 14 percent unsure.
"Online gambling may be a good bet for new state revenue, but lots of voters don't think it's a good bet for New Jersey," said Peter Woolley, director of the poll. "I suppose there is something to be said for losing money without the inconvenience of leaving town, but that's usually called property tax or alimony."
Of the 797 registered statewide voters who participated in the telephone poll between April 30 and May 6, women were against internet gambling with a margin of 65 to 25 percent, while men opposed the measure by 52 to 37 percent.
Interestingly and perhaps predictably, the only age group supporting internet gambling fell into the 30 and under age group.