NY Lottot To Use Camelot Global Services

Wednesday January 22,2014 : NEW YORK LOTTO CALLS IN CAMELOT
Tasked to develop plan that will combat waning support and increased competition
The New York State Gaming Commission, who oversees the lottery, horse racing, charitable gaming, casino gaming and video lottery terminals in New York State, has recruited Camelot Global Services for the development of a five-year plan covering the lottery's future success.
Camelot's brief is to revive the New York Lottery, investigate the prospect of online products and conduct market research on new lottery games.
“The gambling landscape in New York State has changed over the past 12 months, and will continue to change and become more competitive. In order to safeguard state aid to education it is highly critical that we look at alternative approaches for the future of the lottery,” said Gardner Gurney of the New York State Gaming Commission.
Camelot is no stranger to the US lottery market having consulted for Canada, Massachusetts and California's lottery operations.  Camelot lost out on operating Pennsylvania's lottery games when the State dropped its plans