The oratory skills of incoming U.S. president Barak Obama (and his top speechwriter Jon Favreau) are at the centre of some betting action offered by Irish online bookie Paddy Power this week as the presidential inauguration ceremony takes place.
Gamblers can take a punt on a range of inauguration-themed bets – on the duration of Obama's speech, the TV ratings and what cliches he will first mention during his address to the American nation and the world. The best odds on offer for the content of his speech are 8-1 for "Change has come", 10-1 for "Yes We Can" and 12-1 for "Fundamental belief", "As I stand here today", "Defining moment" and "God Bless America".
Long shots include 500-1 for "Always bet on black!" and 250-1 for "Let's get ready to rumble" and "Life is like a box of chocolates," a Paddy Power spokesman revealed.
Punters can also lay bets on the colour of his tie and who will be the designer of the ball gown worn by new First Lady Michelle and what colour it will be.
The breed of puppy promised for Obama's daughters when they move into the White House can also be bet on – the favourite being a Portuguese water hound.