France Rev up anti-corruption guards ahead of Olympic Games 2016


Rev up anti-corruption and potential manipulation guards ahead of Olympic Games 2016.

A delegation of like-minded associations met early last week at the French National Olympic Committee’s (FNOC) behest to discuss maintaining sports integrity strategies in the upcoming Olympic Games Rio 2016.

Representatives from ARJEL, the FNOC and the French Government’s Central Service for Corruption Prevention and Sports Directorate agreed the appointment of an “integrity delegate” from within the Olympique France team for the duration of the Olympic Games. 
In addition, Charles Coppolani, president of ARJEL, informed the appointment of a full-time co-ordinator who would man a new national platform, developed to identify and curb manipulation in sports, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the duration of the Olympic Games.  The platform was unveiled by French Secretary of State for Sports, Thierry Braillard, earlier this year.

“The sports movement must be the commander in chief in the fight against manipulation,” Coppolani said.