Friday March 11,21016 : COLOSSUS BETS NOW LIVE IN ASIA
$10 million ‘Colossus Football Lottery’ live in Asia through regional partner ONEWorks.
Colossus Bets announced Friday that, working through it regional partner ONEWorks, it has added Asia to the regional distribution of its lottery-sized sports pools, which are already active across Europe, Australia and Africa.
Asian operators will be offering the company's Colossus Football Lottery in Asia, headlined by the weekly $10,000,000 Colossus.
Bernard Marantelli, CEO of Colossus Bets, said in a statement Friday: “On the back of prominent partners in Europe, Australia and Africa, adding the power base of ONEworks is an important milestone for Colossus Bets. ONEworks’ extensive list of Asian licensees will help drive growth into our pools and our momentum as a company.
“ONEworks is Asia’s leading provider of sportsbook software services and the addition of our football jackpots to their platform will help cement ONEworks’ position as a one stop shop.”
Colossus Bets has contracted with eight new partners in the four weeks since London's ICE show. Separately the firm is focusing on the arrival of three major new operators who are scheduled to be live with its pools in time for the Euro 2016 tournament, where Colossus Bets will offer over $70,000,000 of guaranteed pools.
Management's ambition is to become "the EuroMillions for sports betting."