A full schedule of 12 other bills, one of which involved weighty deliberations on the activities of former U.S. presidential adviser Karl Rove, resulted this week in the mark up of Nevada Representative Shelly Berkely's Bill HR 2140 being rescheduled for September.
The Bill, titled "Internet Gambling Study Act," is a proposal to commission a thorough and independent study of online gambling and its full implications for the United States and its citizens. It has the support of the American Gaming Association and many politicians as a practical way to understand the pros and cons of regulation and possible taxation.
Due for markup before the House Judiciary Committee this week, consideration of HR2140 and other proposals was derailed by extensive discussions on whether Rove should be placed in contempt. Time constraints meant that other bills did not make the cut before Congress adjourned for the August recess…and that means rescheduling to September 2008.