Crazy New High Stakes Poker Player :!P0krparty?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 : HAS ONLINE POKER FOUND A NEW ISILDUR1?
The player with the crazy handle dropped almost $400 000 in 48 hours this week
The wild roller coaster fluctuations in fortune of Isildur1 (since revealed as Viktor Blom) have been irresistibly compared to a new online high stakes action player this week, who made serious money but dropped almost $400 000 in a 48 hour period.
The as yet unidentified player uses the handle !P0krparty? and reportedly plays from Canada on the Pokerstars nosebleed virtual poker tables. According to High Stakes Database, the volatile player competed with some of the most dangerous pros on the internet this week, playing 10,724 hands over a 48 hour period on the $25/$50 and $50/$100 6-Max PLO games.
It must have been a sobering experience to lose $398 000 to the likes of Rui Cau, Peter Chan and Ilari Sahamies among others, and it will be interesting to see if !P0krparty? can replenish his hammered bankroll and return to try and win it back.
The Canadian appears to have debuted on the high stakes tables at Pokerstars in July, quickly establishing a reputation as an exciting and aggressive player prepared to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars before swinging back to equally large wins. But he is now down by $465 000 according to the records, and that's a big debit to clear.
Big winner on the nosebleeds this week included Chan, who has won $381 000 over just under 3 000 hands in his latest sessions, leaving him in credit to the tune of $440 000. He is being chased by the phenomenal Finnish online poker ace Ilari Sahamies, who is reportedly on something of a heater at present, winning at least $181 000 recently to bring his black ink column up to $500 000 in just three days, and his total for the year to $1.7 million – not far off the current leader Rafi Amit who is up $1.88 million so far this year.