@PhilIvey Sponsoring Boxing Program

Ivey supports the upcoming launch of his new poker training site.
The synergy between sports betting and poker is well accepted, and international poker pro Phil Ivey has leveraged that affinity by sponsoring a leading boxing program to support the upcoming launch of his new poker training venture.
Ivey chose the January 17 installment of the critically acclaimed boxing program “ShoBox, The Next Generation” for his sponsorship, an event that took place at Cook Convention Center in Memphis, Tennessee and was TV broadcast nationally on Showtime at 10:00 p.m. EST.
Ivey says he is a fan of boxing because it generates excitement and requires mental toughness to succeed. Much like poker, the sport requires a contestant to adapt to the moment, quickly detect feints, remain disciplined, and learn as much as possible about an opponent in the heat of the moment.
“Phil is a big fan of boxing, but more importantly he is a fan of hard work, commitment, and dedication. That’s exactly what is needed when you step in the ring,” Clete McQuinn, chief operating officer at Ivey Poker, said, adding that the company plans to partner with and sponsor various sporting events to support the launch of the Ivey League poker training site later this month.