Pokerstars addresses the female demographic

Online poker giant addresses the female demographic
The growing numbers of women poker players has apparently persuaded Pokerstars to introduce a series of special tournaments under the branding Pokerstars Women's Club.
A statement from the company reveals that the new series is to feature sociable low-stakes action with tournament prizes in the form of merchandise and vouchers available in daily and weekly competitions.
Four different levels are planned to ensure that different degrees of experience, bankroll and skill are catered for: Play Money, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades.  Details of each are available on the Pokerstars site.
Team Pokerstars pro Liv Boeree said Tuesday: “PokerStars Women's Club is a fantastic new way for female online players to build their bankrolls and practise tournament poker. Small buy-in events, like the ones in the Women’s Club, was how I got my bankroll started.”
Another Team Pokerstars pro, Vanessa Rousso, said:  “I’m eager to encourage other women to join me on the tables at PokerStars as part of the PokerStars Women's Club, where ladies can play for a wide range of buy-ins and even for free in order to win cash prizes, VIP vouchers and tournament tickets!”