Rounders Part 2

Popular poker movie will showcase online developments over the years since the last production.
Top Hollywood actor Matt Damon, who starred in the original and very popular 1998 poker movie "Rounders" has revealed in a televised interview that he has been in discussions with original screen writers Brian Koppelman and David Levine on a new production based on how the game – especially online – has developed, and how the original characters would fit in this new order.
Talking on the "Rich Eisen Show” Damon described a very different and highly competitive environment in which generally younger players start at an early age and play multiple games simultaneously over the internet, gaining massive experience over millions of hands and honing their math and poker skills.
He suggested it would be interesting to see how he and John Malkovichs original Rounders characters would fit into this new world.
In the original Rounders two friends (Damon and Edward Norton) seek to pay off debts by playing poker on the Rounder circuit, travelling between cities looking for high stakes cash games.
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