November 15 launch date advised by Singapore Turf Club.
Singapore media reports indicated Tuesday that restricted online gambling services offered by the Singapore Pools have started online operations, whilst Singapore Turf Club will commence online betting activity on November 15.
Both companies were granted exemptions from the provisions of the Remote Gambling Act earlier this year  and have pressed ahead with implementation despite religious, political and other objections from some communities.
The governments response has emphasized that managing and regulating restricted forms of online gambling is better for consumer safety.
Minister for Social and Family Development, Tan Chuan-Jin said that government measures cannot fully eradicate the problem of remote gambling, and there is consequently a need for a controlled outlet valve….now provided by the law.
The Minister believes that in such a space, those that want to gamble are safer because organized crime is excluded from the picture, and there are responsible gambling precautions required of operators.
The Singapore Pools service allows bets for 4D and Toto, as well as sports such as football and Formula 1….but casino-style gaming is not permitted or offered.
Online punters must be aged at least 21 years, and have to present themselves for identification purposes to a land outlet when opening an account.