03/27/2012 : Final $6 million paid over to clean US slate
The Sportingbet plc international internet gambling group announced Tuesday that it has made its third and final payment of $6 million to the Office of the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, acting on behalf of the United States Department of Justice.
As a result, Sportingbet has paid a total sum of $33 million (GBP21.3 million) in accordance with the terms of the Non-Prosecution Agreement which the company entered into with the Department of Justice on 21 September 2010, cleaning its slate on all pre-UIGEA American activity..
Andrew McIver, Sportingbet group chief executive, commented: "This final payment formally closes any risk which the company may have faced from its former activities in the US. Given that the US market continues to show signs of regulating both by product, and by state in the near future, various opportunities exist to re-enter the US market and we are reviewing these."