1/13/10 – A Las Vegas-based operator of Nicaraguan land casinos is in the final stages of launching a Costa Rica-based online casino and sportsbook with a .cr domain…truly an international venture!
Beneficial Holdings Incorporated is less forthcoming about the online gambling software its new Bet.cr website will be using, leaving the matter open to speculation.  Costa Rica is known to be a fave base for RealTime Gaming operators. 

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Las Vegas-based Beneficial operates two land-based gaming casinos in Nicaragua and is planning to acquire a third operation in that country. A spokesman revealed this week that the firm's subsidiary Grupo Beneficial SA will operate the Costa Rica-based online casino and sportsbook venture, which the group expects to launch "within the next month."
“The company chose a .cr domain extension because the online casino will be licensed in Costa Rica," the spokesman said. "Grupo Beneficial believes that the casino will be operational in less than one month. The electronic casino will work through software that users download onto their computer systems. A contract is in place for the development of the custom software.”
He added that the target markets that the company has in mind do not include the United States, and that several European language versions of the website would be available.