Subang Jaya Online Gambling Raids

212 computer sets for online gambling seized in six major raids in Subang Jaya.
Municipal police in the Subang Jaya Municipality have continued operations against online gambling outlets, shuttering six outlets and seizing 212 computer sets and other physical and documentary evidence.
Municipal spokesman Mohd Zulkurnain Che Ali said the raids followed public complaints and an undercover police operation, and revealed that in the case of one outlet this was the third time it had been raided.
He lamented the lack of relevant laws that could help police put a permanent end to online gambling, but stressed that it was necessary to keep the pressure on illegal operators.
"Even though the reality is that we cannot solve the gambling problem completely with the limited laws that we have, it’s important that we continue to make full use of what’s provided to keep the situation under control,” he said.