The Sunday Million competition has been won by an online player known as Darkillermax.

When the last nine sat at the final table, the odds were that Darkillermax would emerge triumphant as the stack of chips in front of him was considerably larger than any of his opponents, reports PokerStars.

He began play with over 31 million, almost three times the amount held by salvo58 who held almost 12 million.

These were the two players to enter heads-up play and eventually, the two gamers decided to make a deal to split the first prize.

Consequently, Darkillermax left the table with $174,656 while salvo58 managed to hold on to claim $134,793.

This was after a deal awarded each a similar amount while the overall winner would get an additional $30,000.

Darkillermax took down this bonus after his pocket queens defeated pocket eights.

Last week, the Sunday Million was won by Doulas12 who banked $125,824 after sharing the first prize with Crackpfieffe and Anetas1.