Tain Fast Bet


Enhances sportsbook service with new betting offer.

Software and gaming solutions provider Tain has enhanced its sportsbook service with a new in play sports betting offer dubbed “Fast Bet”.

Tain’s sports betting service has undergone several enhancements since Tain’s acquisition by XIN Gaming last June, Fast Bet will allow punters to click on an event and select a time frame to place a bet, which could be as little as one minute, within which it believes the event will take place.

“Sportsbook's that can offer something different will be the ones that prosper in a competitive marketplace,” Tain Managing Director Mathias Larsoncommented. “Fast Bet is an exciting new service that can help operators to stand out from the rest.”

Our readers will recall Tain recently increased the number of live events it covers each month to 23,000, covering both traditional markets such as football, tennis and US sports and the more obscure  curling, biathlon and Water Polo.