Officials of the Indiana Gaming Control Division conducted an evening raid on The Card Room in Richmond, Indiana this week briefly detaining 16 residents of the city on gambling charges.
Larry Rollins, a spokesman for the division, told local media that the 16 players were betting in a game of Texas Hold ‘Em. "We received several complaints on illegal gambling going on (there)," Rollins said. "We conducted an investigation and determined there was, in fact, an illegal poker establishment running at that location."
Rollins added that at least two people could face Class D felony charges for running the illegal gambling business, whilst the players themselves would face class B misdemeanour charges.
"We've received additional information that could result in more charges," he said, referring to two individuals whom he refused to identify on grounds of sub judice.
Citations for unlawful gambling – a Class B misdemeanor – were issued to those playing through the Indiana State Police. "It was their [Gaming Control Division] warrants. We had a trooper there to assist," said Sgt. John Bowling.