Two tap betting For Paddy Power Mobile

Two tap betting saves time and effort, says bookie
According to the Paddy Power blog, the technical whiz kids at the gambling company have been turbo-charging its mobile betting apps.
"We’ve updated the Paddy Power Mobile Sportsbook App and the 2 Tap Bet Placement is the bit we’re most smug about," the company's blog revealed this week.
"We know no-one likes jumping through e-hoops to get your bet on, so we’ve cut down on the number of steps you need to take, given it a nip here and a tuck there and come up with the technology that will power the fastest single bet placement in mobile sports betting.
"Previously it took an average 16-20 seconds to place a pre-live bet on mobile. Now that’s down to 3-4 seconds. For live betting it used to take 20-25 seconds, but that’s been liposuctioned to a trim 6-8 seconds. We will be saving customers thousands of hours of time per month."
There are now just two steps involved in the wagering process.
•Step 1 is to make the selection.
•Step 2 tap the large ‘Place Bet Now’ button that will appear on the screen.
Other improvements to the apps include:
* Remembering the punter’s last stake and making it the default stake.
* Simpler and quicker multiple betting by using the ‘Add to Betslip’ button.
* When players get a Free Bet, it can be added on the new betslip.
* On bets on live-streaming there is an option to go straight to the race.