Gambling Commission publishes its proposals following a public consultation.
Online gambling service and technology providers, along with operators and testing agencies will be studying the new gambling software and technical standards proposal published by the UK Gambling Commission following a public consultation.
The Commission is now working to refine the proposals and has asked for further input from the industry.
Cliff notes on the proposals include:
* Amendments to information security standards;
* Refining in-play betting standards, transparency and descriptions to better protect punters;
* Game design parameters;
* Progressive jackpots requirements;
* The increasingly popular virtual sports products;
* The regular auditing of live dealer operators by suitable testing agencies;
* Regulations regarding the application of daily and weekly financial limits by punters;
* The display and transparency by operators (especially poker operators) of which third party software individual operators allow, and the implementation of measures to ensure the exclusion of banned softwares; the Commission leaves these decisions with the operator.
* The very player-sensitive issue of winnings confiscations by operators is addressed with new rules and guidelines that emphasize clarity and transparency, and operators will have to display their policies in this regard upfront.
Access the detailed proposals here: