Unibet Joins Odobo

Top European i-gaming operator adds more variety to its game offering.
Odobo's games delivery platform has pulled in another major European i-gaming customer with its announcement that it has signed a multi-content online gambling content deal with Unibet plc, which will see Odobo content published through Unibet i-gaming brands.
The new deal widens Odobo’s scope for game distribution particularly in Northern Europe and Nordic regions, where Unibet has a strong presence.
The Odobo platform is designed to ensure that every game developed for its distribution can be delivered across all supported jurisdictions and markets simultaneously, without the need for further development.
The addition of new markets via Unibet improves the Odobo offering and enhances the platform’s appeal to game developers looking for greater reach and visibility.
Unibet stands to benefit from the growing selection of high-quality HTML5 game content available from Odobo, as well as advantages through its game discovery channel, Odobo Play, and exclusive game offerings.
Julian Jarvis, chief business affairs officer at Odobo, said Tuesday, “Unibet is a key player that offers Odobo stronger distribution in continental Europe and access to a substantial new player base.”
Daniel Eskola, head of products and gaming at Unibet, said, “We like the quality of Odobo’s games and the efficiency of its licensing process.”
Odobo has recently inked deals with Bet365 and Betfair.